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About Dr. Alex

Beginning my career in the health world as a pediatric & perinatal chiropractor, a wrist injury and my own challenges with my health, hormone and work-life balance led to a shift in my career in 2017. After going through a very high level of stress in a failed first marriage plagued by alcoholism, and building a nearly 7 figure chiropractic wellness business as a single mom, I found myself in the position many of my clients come to me in:

👉I was exhausted all the time...

👉My hair was falling out in clumps and I would often go hoarse or lose my voice for days...

👉I started inexplicably gaining weight...

👉I'd been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks...

👉None of the things I knew to do were helping...

👉And while I knew it was possible, I did not see a path forward to get my health back because I was a super busy business owner, doctor and single mom with absolutely no time to focus on myself...

I also knew that western medicine didn't hold any answers for me beyond masking my symptoms with medication. So I set out to figure out how to get my health back on my own.

Three post graduate certifications in women's integrative health coaching, functional medicine and the therapeutic use of essential oils later, I found myself equipped not just to help myself, but the countless women I saw struggling in the same place I'd been.

Today, I combine my knowledge of health & wellness with the nuances of being a woman in today's world (which believe it or not makes a HUGE difference in how easily we are able to get our health back) to help women take control of their health and lives again.

Some of the reasons women work with me:

✅ Fatigue and exhaustion

✅ Weight gain or loss

✅ Thyroid imbalances

✅ Mood swings

✅ Anxiety

✅ Menopause symptoms

✅ Feeling like something is off and you’re never able to get any answers

Working with me looks like a combination of me wearing both my doctor hat, and coaching hat to help you not just approach your health from a holistic perspective, but rewire your behaviors and patterns that got you to the point you're at in the first place. In other words, I help you heal your body from the inside out and step into a vibrant and sustainable future.

My Education:

-Quantum University: PhD & Doctorate in Integrative & Natural Medicine 20220-Current

-National Board of Health & Wellness Coaching: Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach 2021

-American Alternative Medical Association: Board Certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner 2020

-Integrative Women's Health Institute: Certified Women's Health Coach 2019

-Essential Oil Leadership Institute: Certified Essential Oil Coach, 2017

-Life University, Doctor of Chiropractic 2012

-The Colorado College, BA Comparative Literature 2007

Outside of my practice, I also host an ever growing podcast that strives to bring together other thought leaders in the women's health space. I am happily remarried, mom and step mom to four human boys and one furball, live the majority of the time in Fairbanks Alaska (and some in San Diego) and am generally found hiking, skiing or reading when I'm not working or adding to my knowledge base.

Our Mission & Vision

Emergent Women Coaching & Health Consulting is a women's health and life transition coaching and consulting company committed to helping today's women leaders thrive in every area of life.

We believe healthy, empowered and aligned women are the key to transforming gender equality and female leadership. As a company it is our mission to eradicate the number of women struggling with what we call Selfless Syndrome and transform the global conversation around being a woman who can have it all without sacrificing something.

Our coaching and consulting programs specialize in helping high performing women who are overwhelmed, overworked and overweight transform to the vibrant, energetic, and empowered leaders we know they are.

If you'd like to apply to work with us to take control of your own health, life and dreams reach out for a complimentary consultation.

Take care of yourself today, so you can care for others later.

Client Testimonials

I've always been attentive to my body and healing, but been feeling stuck for the last few years. The detox process with Dr. Alex cleared years of built up biofilm, parasites and who knows what else. I feel a new clarity in my mind and absolutely amazing energy!

Nina H

Chrysalis Health Consulting Program

I’d been struggling with menopause, not feeling well and lacking motivation to do anything to help myself, especially during COVID. I was so happy when I met Dr. Alex. I felt like I’ve found my person. I’ve learned so much through working with her, beginning from day 1 with our consultation. My energy is up, my hormones aren’t so crazy and I’ve been able to lose weight for the first time in years. If you’re feeling stuck, this is the place you need to be.

Sherry V

Chrysalis Health Consulting Program

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Emergent Women Coaching & Health Consulting is the premiere virtual practice offering deep understanding transformation of women's hormones, health and life.

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