Get out of your head, innovate your business and thrive using our unique RISE method-more energy, impact and ease guaranteed.

You're not just a female entrepreneur. You're a visionary woman with a big mission in the world. And you're ready to stop following the status quo of the business world, rejuvenate your spirit, innovate your passion and do things your way.



Too much of business zaps our joy by following the "supposed to's". Heal your body & spirit and reconnect to your passion & purpose on a mission driven level.



Deepen your connection to your intuition in your business growth and decisions. Stop building someone else's dream and instead create what you really want.



Align your business and life with your zone of genius and the core essence of your identity and mission in the world. Strengthen your resilience to follow your dreams and not the status quo.



Emerge as the version of yourself that gets to experience life and business with unadulterated joy & freedom. Take your wealth, health and impact to new heights.


Dr. Alex is a formerly burnt out, and now retired, chiropractor and 7 figure business owner known for setting figurative fire to the business which, at the height of its success, became like a prison to her.

She learned a lot of hard lessons in the process, including healing from an eventual bankruptcy and the physical and emotional after effects of burnout as the universe tried to get her to pay attention and redirect her professional path from the one she was on. On the other side of unearthing layers of trauma from the career and business she was supposed to love, but that led her to build a business and a quality of life she didn’t really want, she developed what she calls the RISE method.

She now helps other women heart-centered entrepreneurs work through their own RISE journey so that they can transform their experience from one of sacrifice and burnout, to unadulterated joy and passion.

The Emergent Women Coaching approach draws on aspects of Dr. Alex's post graduate training in integrative medicine, neuroscience, somatic trauma healing, HeartMath, leadership & business training and development and more. She is a board certified Health & Wellness Coach and business innovation mentor.

Her own professional evolution brought her out of chiropractic and into the world of coaching in 2018. While she has extensive training in the health field, her passion, purpose and gifts lie in space of female leadership and entrepreneurship--specifically in transforming burnout and building a new relationship to stress. She lives in Fairbanks Alaska with her husband, four sons and male dog, and values the testosterone break provided by her work and clients more than you can imagine!

Are you ready to RISE?

Download our free guide below to get to know a bit more about Dr. Alex and the RISE approach. This guide includes a 3 minute highly effective morning routine in both written and recorded form, and a simple 7 Day Energy & Emotion Tracker to monitor your progress as you build a new habit that will set you up for entrepreneurial success on your own terms!

Ways to RISE With Us

There are several ways in which we work with women around North America. Below are both our free and paid ways to start your own journey towards your RISE.



Hosted off social media on Circle, this is a place to find connection among like minded women entrepreneurs. We also have some fun things like a book club and monthly events!



The Reimagined Podcast is for women heart centered entrepreneurs ready to transform their experience of business from sacrifice & burnout to unadulterated joy & freedom.



Coming in February 2024, the Reimagined Blog compliments the podcast with additional guidance that helps you walk through the RISE Method.



Explore our growing library of DIY courses all centered around small pieces of the RISE method. All courses accompany live support through our circle community.



The Emergent Women version of a VIP day, this is designed for those who would like some support creating their own RISE and their next steps, but who aren't looking for on going coaching.



An intimate, individually tailored transformational experience that incorporates 1:1 coaching, our courses, and a monthly business innovation mastermind. We commit to each other on a quarterly basis with options to continue as long as it serves you, and offer several tiers of support.


What a few of our clients have to say...


"What was truly remarkable about working with Dr. Alex was the way she supported me throughout the process of transformation. She was always available to answer my questions, offer encouragement, and help me to stay on track. Her positivity and enthusiasm were infectious, and I always felt motivated and inspired after speaking with her."

Karen Richard, Senior VP, MCC


"With every other coach I've ever worked with I would hit a plateau point that I couldn't get through. With Dr. Alex I surpassed that plateau and then some."

Stephanie Dunkle, Strategic Health & Business Leader


"I am happier, healthier and fully aligned in what I'm doing with this phase of my career. Working wtih Dr. Alex has been instrumental in that process."

Nina Heyano, Entreprenur, Coach, Facilitator, Healer

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