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Coaching & Health Consulting

The crux of our practice is based on health coaching and consulting. Rather than telling you to "go loose weight" for example, coaching meets you where you're at and helps you succeed at your goals. Dr. Alex combines coaching with her understanding and protocols for helping women:

🔥 Lose 20 pounds or more (and keep it off-without any gimmicks)

🔥 Have more energy than they know what to do with

🔥 Balance their hormones and improve: mood, menstrual cycle or menopause symptoms, anxiety & depression and more

🔥Reduce overwhelm and stress

🔥 Discover their motivation (and keep it)

...within 6 months.

Our programs use a combination of individual and group coaching, giving you multiple layers of support as we partner with you in your health journey.

Our approach isn't about telling you what to do, it's about helping you figure out the next best steps for you and helping you stay accountable to yourself in the process. We do all of this inside of a framework called the Chrysalis Women's Health Consulting Program which combines coaching, functional lab analysis, individualized supplement protocols, shifting perspective and knowledge and ultimately leading you to a point of stability and sustainability with your health.

To learn more and find out if our process is a fit for you, book a free consultation with us. As a note, we don’t sell you, we enroll you. So if you just want info but aren’t ready to join, no stress. We're more than happy to jump on a no strings attached call and help you figure out what the next best steps are for you.

Hormone Assessment & Functional Lab Testing

Lab testing is an incredibly useful tool that unfortunately tends to miss the mark in Western Medicine.

You've likely had tests done, sure they would finally explain some of your symptoms, only to be told you're fine. Nothing is so frustrating or harmful to our health as women. The reason for this, is traditional western medicine lab ranges tend to be based on a bell-curve (average) of those who get those who are already sick. They have nothing to do with normal function.

At Emergent Women Coaching & Health Consulting, we've taken offering functional lab tests (tests based on normal function and not averages) a step further by partnering with Rupa Health, the leading concierge functional medicine service. This gives us access to an enormous number of tests and companies so we can truly check exactly what we need to get a clear picture of your health and hormones.

These tests are shipped right to you and can be completed in the comfort of your own home--no need for a trip to a lab draw company or hospital.

We also perform a thorough toxicity and hormone assessment with paper questionnaires before we even order tests, which gives us a solid understanding in what may be underlying your health issues and which help us determine what tests we absolutely need.

Finally, as part of our Chrysalis Health Consulting Program, we build in labs in the beginning as well as towards the end of our process to be sure we've made the progress we planned to.

Superior Supplements & Essential Oils

While true healing will never be found in a medication or a supplement, there are times are body needs some extra support. Dr. Alex has a strict policy of not asking anyone to do anything she hasn't done. As a result, we have a few carefully vetted and tested companies we work with exclusively to help support the needs of our clients through our work together.

Cellcore Biosciences provides support for the deeper physical healing we work through supporting the body with drainage, removing parasites and biofilm, detoxing heavy metals, supporting cellular healing, decreasing inflammation and finally rebuilding the gut. Each woman we work with is different, but we often work through the foundational protocol as part of our process.

Designs for Health is our go to support for all things thyroid. Dr. Alex has used a variety of their supplements to help stabilize her thyroid as well as many clients.

The final tool we use frequently to help with both physical and emotional healing are doTERRA essential oils, and several of their supplements. Essential oils are unique in their ability to cross the cell membrane and support the cell in normal function. Quality essential oils carry a lot of power and support in the healing process. doTERRA's quality is unparalleled as they became the first company to receive a pharmaceutical grade designation thanks to their rigorous testing process that has demonstrated consistent, reproducible quality & therapeutic results.

Take care of yourself today, so you can care for others later.

Get a $57 Hormone Assessment & Treatment Plan (save $230)

Client Testimonials

I measured my micros and macros with every meal, exercised religiously and felt awful and exhausted all the time. Now I have energy again, I've learned to actually make time for myself, and my family and husband are so happy to have me energetic again.

Dana M.

Women's Chrysalis Health Consulting Program

When I went to my medical doctor for a checkup they saw my weight loss, happiness and my normal labs and they wanted to know what I'd done!

Joanne B.

Women's Chrysalis Health Consulting Program

A Note About Insurance

Unfortunately most insurance companies haven't caught up to covering preventative medicine meaning we do not work directly with any insurance companies. However, many of our clients are able to use HSA's if they have them, and we offer both in house and out of house financing to make our care affordable for those ready to invest in their health.

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